Our guiding principles.
Discretion. Integrity. Respect.

Client Strategy

Nadeena is a patient investor of its time

Our approach to each assignment is rigorous, thoughtful and transparent. Our research and client strategies add value at each stage of the journey.

We act for clients regarding C-Suite, Equity Partner, Senior Director and Non-Executive or Chair appointments, and our team operates discreetly and respectfully whilst interfacing with both clients and potential future employees.

Research Strategy

Mandates from our clients differ greatly

Because each assignment is unique, each piece of research is conducted by our team starting with a blank page.

We represent our clients’ needs appropriately and shape our research to reflect the very specific requirements of each appointment. As the majority of the work we undertake is conducted on a highly confidential basis, we take the utmost levels of care to earn the trust of those with whom we engage.

Our Process

With decades of collective C-level experience, our experienced practitioners combine the attention to detail and rigour of a global search group with the entrepreneurial drive and first-hand sectoral expertise of an independent advisory firm.

Our team will collaborate with your board to understand what organisational success looks like, and then tailor the research and selection process to deliver the leadership talent to make that ambition a reality.

Client Briefing

A meeting (virtual or in-person or a combination of both) is arranged whereby the Nadeena project team engages with your stakeholders to get a deeper understanding of the organisation and the roles for which it will be recruiting.

Candidate Specification

Our immediate task on appointment is to agree, in detail, the final candidate specification. We will draft a detailed position description for your approval.

Longlist Identification

The objective will be to identify a longlist of interested candidates from across the target markets, from which we can prioritise those who most closely match the essential criteria for further evaluation. This will be based both existing knowledge of the market combined with fresh research and sourcing into target organisations. This will be done within four weeks of starting. Our approach is to source from a global platform and subsequently distill the relevant talent pool from a longlist to a shortlist.


An approach will be made to the selected longlist candidates (subject to signing an NDA if required) who will be interviewed against the agreed set of criteria. This will enable an assessment of suitability or otherwise and present you with a comprehensive report on each shortlist candidate before they meet you. This phase will take up to 4 weeks, the conclusion of which includes a presentation of comprehensive candidate reports on each shortlisted candidate.


Each candidate presented for the final selection will be referenced fully. The aim here is to take references from former colleagues and the external market. Extensive informal referencing and market soundings to confirm the track record and effectiveness of potential candidates as they emerge will also be utilised.


Nadeena engages the Sova personality and motivational assessment tool for selected shortlisted candidates.


Nadeena will work closely with you to handle the offer to the chosen candidate through to completion.